Boardworks - Free Resources - Maths

Useful ideas and lesson plans for free. Register in order to download the best bits. There are regular updates and new features added. Definitely worth a look.


Create free educational games, quizzes, activities and diagrams in seconds. Host them on your own blog, website or intranet. No signup, no passwords, no charge. Highly recommended and something you will come back to again and again.


An excellent site with hundreds of resources for Early Years and primary schools. A variety of tools help students understand some difficult concepts. Free to use and well worth a look. Really good for interactive white boards. Highly recommended.


Lots of resources which are interactive and ready for use. Download your own copy to keep (for a small fee) or use them direct from the web for free. A range of subjects are offered and the site is regularly updated.

Discovery Education Secondary

Discovery Education Secondary is the new name for a high quality service of relevant teaching material in video. Based on a server so not reliant on internet connection. Subscription based but fantastic value for money with regular updates. Training provided.


Doddle is an excellent resource covering a wide range of subjects across Key Stage 3 and 4. One of the best features is the ability for teachers to set differentiated activities to individual students and chart their progress. The activities are fun and interactive and provide instant feedback whether you are right or wrong. Difficult concepts are explained clearly and students can make progress very quickly. Doddle provides excellent value for departments on a tight budget.

For more information, case studies and pricing visit {}



Subscription based interactive resources for all subjects and levels. Lots of tasters and samples to try out. This is an excellent resource and good value for money. Highly recommended.


Free resources for teachers and students to support maths education. An excellent range of video tutorials, teaching materials, lesson plans and key information on reaching a grade C. Highly recommended.


Exampro provides easy access to exam questions from AQA subjects including the sciences, ICT, computing, mathematics, humanities, languages and physical education. Questions are organised according to topics, type of question, demand and specification and searching is simple and intuitive. Mark schemes are accompanied by examiners comments where appropriate. The questions can be used for summative tests, homework, checking progress in the lesson and ‘full screen’ class discussion. The site is easy to use and a very reasonable licence fee will suit most department budgets.


A subscription site which is US based. They offer a free trial for 30 days and it is worth a go. They use interactive based software called gizmos and they really work well. This has revolutionised teaching science in the classroom. The resources allow you to track student progress and set assessments for students to do at home. If you try any subscription site then try this.


GCSEPod is a great way to reinforce learning and understanding with a well organised and ever expanding library of podcasts that are simple and easy to download. Students have access to a wide range of subjects, with voices of experienced and enthusiastic teachers to guide them through the essentials of each topic. For schools with a close eye on value for money, we think this ticks lots of important boxes – raising standards, promoting independent learning and making the most of the digital age. Take a look…..

Guardian Teacher Network

This a fantastic place to look for free teaching resources. The Guardian have done an excellent job of organising this to make navigation easy and reliable. From ages 4-18, there are thousands of resources uploaded by teachers. The newsletter highlights some great new additions and time saving search tips. There are also links to the best of Education news from The Guardian. Follow them on Twitter @GuardianTeach for regular updates. We think you will really like this!


This is not simply a game-based learning space but an opportunity to challenge learners to participate and be involved in the process. It deepens the understanding and provides evidence of progress with its backroom statistics and analysis so that teachers can see who did what. Set up your own Kahoot! quizzes or borrow and adapt one of thousands that have been generated by other teachers, saving you hours of precious time. Students love it. Be prepared for the buzz of a Kahoot! session.

Kangaroo Maths

High quality subscription site but with lots of free resources. It is interactive and fun. Make sure you have a look in Kennys pouch. Good value for money and well worth a look.

Learning Zone - Class Clips

Another gem from the BBC. A searchable database of BBC clips categorised according to curriculum area. An invaluable and ever expanding resource.


A well respected online teaching resource covering all areas of the Maths curriculum from 5-18 years old. Excellent subscription deals and highly recommended.

Maths is Fun

Maths resources in clearly defined sections. Ideas for games and puzzles too. Well laid out, easy to use and free.


A well-known website that offers a number of resources to teachers for free. The games/puzzles section is well worth a look. Some favourites would Hangman, Higher-Lower, Countdown and Mathionnaire. Highly recommended.

Music4Learning - Health and Wellbeing

An extract from a comprehensive work by Professor Susan Hallam at the Institute of Education, University of London. This chapter examines the effects of background music on health and well-being. There are many interesting perspectives and references to other scientific studies. Reproduced with kind permission of the author.

Music4Learning - The effects of music on behaviour

Five studies on the effects of music on learning, performance and behaviour by Professor Susan Hallam and Anastasia Kotsopoulou, Institute of Education, University of London. A thorough examination of how music can enhance the learning experience. Reproduced with kind permission.

Music4Learning - The Wellcome Trust - Interactive Guide

Here is a comprehensive look at how music can enhance and enrich learning. Drawing on the knowledge of several experts in the fields of education, music and psychology, the Big Picture also provides a number of ideas for using music in the classroom.


A subscription website offering excellent value for money. Online teaching resources, homeworks, booster lessons, games and individual student access. Free samples to try. Highly recommended.

Nrich Maths

Thousands of free mathematics enrichment materials (problems, articles and games) for teachers and learners from ages 5 to 19 years. All the resources are designed to develop subject knowledge, problem-solving and mathematical thinking skills. The website is updated with new material on the first day of every month. A first class resource.

Ocean Maths

This is a great site for making links between students and their parents. Homework tasks and challenging assignments across all key stages . Reviewed in the TES magazine and highly recommended. Free to use.

A free 30 day trial is definitely worth a go. An excellent resource for teachers allowing them to use a network of existing puzzles and quizzes and to modify them according to curriculum content. Flashcard activities, memory tests, pairs games, matching terms and lots more. Highly recommended.

Sandlot Science

Worth allowing a bit of time to browse through this site. Lots of interesting features especially the optical illusions which are great for getting the brain working. Take some of the tours. Free to use.

Teaching Videos

A place where all sorts of videos have been put into categories and subjects. Beautifully simple and easy to use.

TES Australia

A great place to find new ideas and teaching resources. Full of support, guidance, top tips and hacks. You can register for free, receive updates and join in the community to share your ideas, resources and fun stuff too.

Twig World

Twig World provides high quality short films to support learning in the classroom for science, maths and geography at KS3 and GCSE. They also provide a variety of support materials both for students and teachers. The site also matches films to exam board topics. There is a wealth of information in each film, sourced from some of the best known archives in the world. Teachers and academics have worked with the production team to make sure the content is right up to date. Subscription rates are very reasonable. Take a look and set up a free trial…..

Usborne Quicklinks Maths

You will find a number of links for each topic from a variety of sources. Most of these work well in the classroom. Keep an eye out for stuff from learn alberta and ambleside primary.


An excellent site with an exciting and stimulating range of resources to aid revision and learning. Subscribe for free and gain access to hundreds of activities. Students are able to complete tasks online and teachers and parents can check on progress. Highly recommended.