Plenty to choose from here and the site is regularly updated. Free to use.

1st4sport - Coachwise

If you are looking for a place to buy PE books and teaching resources that have been thoroughly reviewed, this is a good starting point.


Book store for fantastic range of reads on accelerated learning. Clearly defined and well organised categories including brain compatible learning, multiple intelligence, MFL and Music and lots more.


A different take on the theme of accelerated learning with some articles, advice and information on this critical aspect of a teachers toolkit.


An excellent site that looks at how to learn ‘smarter’ and gives you a personal learning styles profile by answering a few questions. There are some free resources and ideas but there are also CDRoms for sale.

Advisory Centre for Education

Is an independent, registered charity, which offers information about state education in England and Wales for parents of school age children. They offer free telephone advice on many subjects like exclusion from school, bullying, special educational needs and school admission appeals.

Ambleside Primary School

Ambleside Primary school website is an excellent example of what can be achieved with few resources available. Take a few minutes to have a look through the site.


UK based exam board with links to curriculum content.

ARKive Education

ARKive is a UK based charity aiming to promote a greater appreciation of the world’s amazing variety of living things. There is an extensive library of video, photos and teaching resources all available for free. Activities are suitable for 5-18 year olds and cover a wide range of topics. We think this is well worth a look.

Arts Connected.org

A US based website with tips and tricks for Art in the digital age. Highly interactive and suitable for use in the classroom. Free.

Association for Science Education

A community of teachers, technicians, and other professionals supporting science education and is the largest subject association in the UK. The ASE is an independent and open forum for debate and a powerful force to promote excellence in science teaching and learning, with unique benefits for members.

Association of School and College Leaders

A professional body for school leader (formerly SHA). Covering recent developments in the world of school leadership and information for those aspiring to these positions.

Autism Education Trust

An invaluable resource for teachers and parents involved with Autism. Useful info for young people with ASD a really well-presented site with some great ideas and advice


Broadcasters Audience Research Board. The official site for finding out UK TV audience figures.


British Broadcasting Corporation. World renowned broadcaster with a site packed full of information. A great starting point for discussion, research, information and fun.

BBC Advice

Another excellent resource from the BBC with some straight talking advice on jobs, life, relationships and drugs.

BBC CBeebies for Grown Ups

A great site from the BBC that provides a wealth of information for parents on how to encourage learning. Advice on Special Needs and the Early Learning Curriculum. Plus a lot of fun!

BBC Ethics

An excellent resource from the BBC providing a huge range of detail on ethics and religion. A good starting point for research and discussion.

BBC History

A thorough and well presented walk through time. A first class resource from the BBC.

BBC Languages

Absolutely brilliant range of learning materials for languages. A great starting point for further information.

BBC Science and Nature

An outstanding resource and a favourite with teachers and students alike. Try the interactive body, the space section or the links to environment and climate change. The psychology tests are worth a go too.


This is a well established website that provides news and resources to help you incorporate ICT into teaching and learning. Packed with useful ideas and a supplier directory, bee-it is a great place to look for information and support. Free newsletters provide you with some great tips and advice – registration is free and simple. Highly recommended!

Behaviour Online

An online subscription resource for improving student behaviour, attitudes and performance. Definitely worth a look at the training videos.

Bitesize Revision

A highly recommended resource for revision. All subjects and key stages covered with regular updates. Free.

Boardworks - Free Resources - English

Useful ideas and lesson plans for free. Register in order to download the best bits. There are regular updates and new features added. Definitely worth a look.

Boardworks - Free Resources - Maths

Useful ideas and lesson plans for free. Register in order to download the best bits. There are regular updates and new features added. Definitely worth a look.

Boardworks - Free Resources - Science

Useful ideas and lesson plans for free. Register in order to download the best bits. There are regular updates and new features added. Definitely worth a look.

British Gymnastics

One of the best places to start looking for resources for gymnastics. Full of regularly updated information and ideas for coaches, teachers, parents and gymnasts of all ages and abilities.

British Red Cross Teaching Resources

There are some great ideas here with lots of guidance on how to use use some cutting edge material. Topics include First Aid, War Crimes, Poverty, Famine, Conflict and Disasters. Plenty to think about and some seriously thought-provoking material. Lesson plans, presentations and worksheets will help you through the lesson. Sign up to receive regular updates. This is a highly recommended resource.

Business Studies Online

An excellent resource with an updated site. Easy to use and providing many free resources. There is also a new members section with a wide range of excellent materials for learning.

Cells Alive

A fun site for teachers and students. Lots of interactive material including a look at how big things are.

Charter for Compassion

The Charter for Compassion is a document that transcends religious, ideological, and national difference. Supported by leading thinkers from many traditions, the Charter inspires worldwide community-based acts of compassion.


The best place for confidential advice for young people on a range of issues.


Create free educational games, quizzes, activities and diagrams in seconds. Host them on your own blog, website or intranet. No signup, no passwords, no charge. Highly recommended and something you will come back to again and again.

Creative Chemistry

Providing a huge range of useful revision material for Chemistry. There are full-colour worksheets and teaching notes for fun activities suitable for a chemistry club, and around three hundred pages of question sheets and practical guides for GCSE and A Level Chemistry. Highly recommended and free.

Creative Education

A well established leader in providing training and coaching to support all aspects of the education profession. A wide range of courses on offer and the site is easy to use. Register for free to receive the full range of benefits.


An excellent site with hundreds of resources for Early Years and primary schools. A variety of tools help students understand some difficult concepts. Free to use and well worth a look. Really good for interactive white boards. Highly recommended.

Culture 24

This new site has been developed with teachers in mind. The Teachers section provides a guide to the rich and diverse cultural resources on offer from museums and exhibitions across the UK. Whilst relevant material will be curriculum tagged, the site deliberately signposts most content by format and subject matter . Well worth a look.

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