UK based exam board with links to curriculum content.

Association of School and College Leaders

A professional body for school leader (formerly SHA). Covering recent developments in the world of school leadership and information for those aspiring to these positions.


UK based exam board with links to curriculum content.

Guardian Teacher Network

This a fantastic place to look for free teaching resources. The Guardian have done an excellent job of organising this to make navigation easy and reliable. From ages 4-18, there are thousands of resources uploaded by teachers. The newsletter highlights some great new additions and time saving search tips. There are also links to the best of Education news from The Guardian. Follow them on Twitter @GuardianTeach for regular updates. We think you will really like this!

Life Coach Directory

Life Coach Directory is a website aiming to spread awareness of the life coaching practice, as well as making it much more accessible so that everyone has the opportunity to experience the positive benefits. It aims to be the leading service for providing advice and information about the practice in the UK – connecting individuals looking for ways to move forward positively, with the largest network of coaches in the UK. There are lots of useful articles on NLP and solution focused thinking. Worth a look…..

Marcus Cherrill

A great place to find top tips for using music in the classroom. Advice on new tech and digital literacy. Marcus is a Google Educator and consultant to business and education on productivity and creativity.

Merlin John Online

Merlin John is a highly respected and well renowned voice of authority in the world of Education. His website provides a unique perspective on the people and ideas that are driving Education in the right direction. A good starting point for new ideas and innovation.


One of the main teaching unions in the UK. Lots of information on performance management, workforce reform and recent developments in the profession.

National Union of Teachers

One of the main teaching unions in the UK. Lots of information on performance management, workforce reform and recent developments in the profession.


The official body for inspecting schools in the UK. Provides links to school reports and official publications as well as an FAQ and contact details. Some interesting stuff for professional development.


The Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency – UK based exam board with links to curriculum content.


Providing a number of services for teachers, Schoolzone deliver a huge range of reviews on educational resources and suppliers and a chance for teachers themselves to take part in the reviews. So before you commit precious budgets to resources, take a look to see what Schoolzone have to say. Register for free to get access to the best bits.


A huge depository of relevant information despite recent changes to the UK Government. Useful resources and guides to current practice, policy and strategies.

Teachers TV

A well respected source of professional development and sharing good practice. Plenty of material for use in training sessions, whole school improvement and the wider world of education. A statement from Teachers TV explains that despite termination of their contract with the UK Government, the 4000 educational videos will continue to be available online.


So much more than Technology, Entertainment and Design – this is fast becoming the model for 21st Century professional development. One of the leading providers of inspirational talks about everything. You will not be disappointed. Have a look at our video section for some of our favourites.

TES Australia

A great place to find new ideas and teaching resources. Full of support, guidance, top tips and hacks. You can register for free, receive updates and join in the community to share your ideas, resources and fun stuff too.

TES Connect

One of the most reliable and comprehensive sources of information about education. Jobs, networking, sharing ideas and good practice and a place to look for inspiration. Easy to use and free to register. Highly recommended.

The Guardian - Education

Full of relevant articles on the world of education and current affairs in the world of teaching and learning. Jobs, Higher Education and professional development worth signing up for free.

Training and Development Agency for Schools

The first point of reference if you are thinking of joining the profession and some good clips to remind us why we joined the profession in the first place. There is also a look into the future of teaching.