TES Australia

A great place to find new ideas and teaching resources. Full of support, guidance, top tips and hacks. You can register for free, receive updates and join in the community to share your ideas, resources and fun stuff too.

TES Connect

One of the most reliable and comprehensive sources of information about education. Jobs, networking, sharing ideas and good practice and a place to look for inspiration. Easy to use and free to register. Highly recommended.

The Guardian - Education

Full of relevant articles on the world of education and current affairs in the world of teaching and learning. Jobs, Higher Education and professional development worth signing up for free.

Training and Development Agency for Schools

The first point of reference if you are thinking of joining the profession and some good clips to remind us why we joined the profession in the first place. There is also a look into the future of teaching.


Formerly SfE, Tribal is a leading provider of training to colleagues in education and to other public sector professionals. Some excellent material to look through.

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