Advisory Centre for Education

Is an independent, registered charity, which offers information about state education in England and Wales for parents of school age children. They offer free telephone advice on many subjects like exclusion from school, bullying, special educational needs and school admission appeals.

Autism Education Trust

An invaluable resource for teachers and parents involved with Autism. Useful info for young people with ASD a really well-presented site with some great ideas and advice

BBC CBeebies for Grown Ups

A great site from the BBC that provides a wealth of information for parents on how to encourage learning. Advice on Special Needs and the Early Learning Curriculum. Plus a lot of fun!

Behaviour Online

An online subscription resource for improving student behaviour, attitudes and performance. Definitely worth a look at the training videos.


The best place for confidential advice for young people on a range of issues.

Dads Space

A great site for Dads (and mums too) with lots to talk about. Issues ranging from teenage sex to mental health. Free advice, fun and well worth a look. Highly recommended.

Discovery Education Brainboosters

Loads of easy to use puzzles, brain teasers, thinking skills activities and fun stuff for every age. Produced by the same organisation who run the Discovery Channel. Highly recommended and free to use.

Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site

Treasure hunting for everyone! Use maps, GPS and all your navigation skills to find a hidden ‘cache’ – anywhere in the world. Registration is free, quick and simple but for a small fee there are loads of extras. This is a great way to get outside and have some fun.


US based information for parents choosing schools. Advice, reviews, information and the latest news in education. There is also a really useful section on special needs and child development. Worth a look.

Information Literacy

Learning and Teaching Scotland have produced a site to assist in the development of critical literacy. Currently undergoing huge redevelopment.

Life Coach Directory

Life Coach Directory is a website aiming to spread awareness of the life coaching practice, as well as making it much more accessible so that everyone has the opportunity to experience the positive benefits. It aims to be the leading service for providing advice and information about the practice in the UK – connecting individuals looking for ways to move forward positively, with the largest network of coaches in the UK. There are lots of useful articles on NLP and solution focused thinking. Worth a look…..

Little Dippers

A well respected and well established UK based organisation which runs courses for babies and young children to teach them water safety. Thoroughly recommended.

Music4Learning - Health and Wellbeing

An extract from a comprehensive work by Professor Susan Hallam at the Institute of Education, University of London. This chapter examines the effects of background music on health and well-being. There are many interesting perspectives and references to other scientific studies. Reproduced with kind permission of the author.

Music4Learning - The effects of music on behaviour

Five studies on the effects of music on learning, performance and behaviour by Professor Susan Hallam and Anastasia Kotsopoulou, Institute of Education, University of London. A thorough examination of how music can enhance the learning experience. Reproduced with kind permission.

Music4Learning - The Power of Music - BBC World Service Special

From the archives of the BBC World Service, here is a thorough investigation into the ability of music to improve our lives. Jane Hanson takes you on a stimulating journey looking at influential music, medicine, healing and therapy. She explores the links between music and personal development and gathers opinion from a variety of experts. This is a four part series, with each episode lasting about 25 minutes. You will need to have Real Player available once you have clicked on the links. Definitely worth a try!

Music4Learning - The Wellcome Trust - Interactive Guide

Here is a comprehensive look at how music can enhance and enrich learning. Drawing on the knowledge of several experts in the fields of education, music and psychology, the Big Picture also provides a number of ideas for using music in the classroom.

National Autistic Society

The leading UK charity for people with autism (including Asperger syndrome) and their families, providing information, support and pioneering services.

National Geographic

A phenomenal resource for education about the world and life around us. Free to use and full of detail. Every section is clearly signposted and provides a rich multimedia experience. Highly recommended.

National Literacy Trust

At the National Literacy Trust we believe that literacy transforms lives, and that with better literacy, everyone can succeed in life. When we talk about better literacy, we mean the combination of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills necessary for a fair chance in life.


Now in its tenth year and doing a great job for all parents and carers. Netmums has now developed a huge archive of useful tips and advice along with growing support networks both locally and nationally. Highly recommended.

Nordoff Robbins - Music transforming lives

Nordoff Robbins is a national charity using music to transform the lives of vulnerable people of all ages, all over the UK. Its services include music therapy sessions for people with a wide range of illnesses and disabilities, and short music skills workshops and courses for those wishing to bring music into the lives of those they care for.


UK based charity website that deals with issues of child abuse and how to get advice on prevention. Help for parents and children alike.

O2 Learn

This is a great idea! Sharing best lessons for learning and revision. Connect with a huge audience and have a chance of winning prizes for teachers and schools. If you are a teacher, student or a parent, then this is definitely worth a look. Free to use.

Papyrus - Prevention of Young Suicide

UK resources and support for those dealing with suicide, depression or emotional distress particularly teenagers and young adults. PAPYRUS is a voluntary UK organisation committed to the prevention of young suicide and the promotion of mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Parent Link Sussex

A UK based organization that helps with advice for parents of children with Special Educational Needs.

Rhythm For Reading

Rhythm for Reading is an intensive, research-based, small group reading intervention programme, which helps students to read with ease, fluency and understanding. The programme comes with an affordable cost and a great deal of additional support and reference material. Well worth a look

Send My Friend

Send My Friend to School is a campaign that has brought together hundreds of thousands of students and teachers in the UK who want the government to keep its promise and make sure that every child can go to school, no matter where they live in the world. Send My Friend is run by lots of organisations, including charities and teaching unions, who all believe that education is really important. Take a look!

Focusing on the Irish Junior and Senior Cycle curricula, is the first resource of its kind designed specifically for Irish students and teachers. Some excellent ideas for parents and students particularly around revision.

Songs for Teaching

An extensive library of songs with lyrics available to support learning in the classroom. Many subject areas covered. Need to pay for downloads once you have sampled it but tracks at excellent value.

Talk to Frank

A straight-talking website that gives all the facts about drugs. In the UK call 0800 77 66 00 or text 82111. Free and confidential advice.

The Responsibilty Project

Exploring what it means to do the right thing. Some thought-provoking media to help us consider our role in society and perhaps how we can make it a better place.


Plenty of first class advice on staying safe online. Really useful for young people and a huge section for carers, parents and teachers.

Top Grade Tutoring

Based in the West Midlands, UK, they provide not only contact with tutors in a range of subjects but a series of first class revision materials available at very reasonable rates.


A leading company in the South East of the UK for the provision of outdoor education. They also provide a huge range of outdoor activity equipment for sale. Great for family days out too.

Tumble Tots

This is for parents of younger children who are looking for something worthwhile and challenging for their little ones. Designed to develop children’s physical skills of agility, balance, co-ordination and climbing, through the use of brightly coloured Tumble Tots equipment. The programme is structured to develop children’s positive personality traits including confidence and self-esteem.

Tutor Hunt

Aim to provide a completely free service for both tutors and students to locate each other. This is an excellent starting point for parents and students who are considering extra tuition in key subjects and a useful reference point for potential tutors.


Whether you are searching for courses, checking out different universities and colleges or ready to apply then UCAS will guide you through every step. This is your best starting point when looking at further and higher education options. Easy to use and free.