This is a well established website that provides news and resources to help you incorporate ICT into teaching and learning. Packed with useful ideas and a supplier directory, bee-it is a great place to look for information and support. Free newsletters provide you with some great tips and advice – registration is free and simple. Highly recommended!

Behaviour Online

An online subscription resource for improving student behaviour, attitudes and performance. Definitely worth a look at the training videos.

British Red Cross Teaching Resources

There are some great ideas here with lots of guidance on how to use use some cutting edge material. Topics include First Aid, War Crimes, Poverty, Famine, Conflict and Disasters. Plenty to think about and some seriously thought-provoking material. Lesson plans, presentations and worksheets will help you through the lesson. Sign up to receive regular updates. This is a highly recommended resource.


An excellent site with hundreds of resources for Early Years and primary schools. A variety of tools help students understand some difficult concepts. Free to use and well worth a look. Really good for interactive white boards. Highly recommended.

Culture 24

This new site has been developed with teachers in mind. The Teachers section provides a guide to the rich and diverse cultural resources on offer from museums and exhibitions across the UK. Whilst relevant material will be curriculum tagged, the site deliberately signposts most content by format and subject matter . Well worth a look.

Discovery Education Brainboosters

Loads of easy to use puzzles, brain teasers, thinking skills activities and fun stuff for every age. Produced by the same organisation who run the Discovery Channel. Highly recommended and free to use.

Dragonfly Training

A well-established successful UK and International training company. Hundreds of courses to choose from across all subjects and training needs. There is also an excellent range of free resources and materials available for download. Register for free to access the best materials.


Subscription based interactive resources for all subjects and levels. Lots of tasters and samples to try out. This is an excellent resource and good value for money. Highly recommended. presents Interesting ways to ........

This is the brainchild of Tom Barrett who has put together a range of excellent professional development opportunities. Find one you are interested in and start an amazing journey. Collaborate with others and share your brainwaves. Check out the home page for the most recent ideas and contributions.


This is how to bring practical, hands on science into a Primary classroom. Using a variety of techniques to develop vital scientific skills and confidence with science, Empiribox brings training and a huge bank of detailed lesson resources to help your primary school science curriculum come alive. There are some free samples to download but you’ll need to be a subscriber to get the full benefit. Worth a look for sure.

Espresso Education

One of the leading content providers to Primary schools. Espresso is an extensive library of high quality, video rich broadband teaching resources and student activities that motivates pupils and supports teachers. This is an exciting opportunity to bring ICT into the classroom. Requires subscription at very reasonable rates.

Film Education

This is a charity supported bu the UK Film industry. It promotes and supports the use of film in the curriculum. Regularly updated, interesting and relevant to a number of curriculum areas.


All sorts of fun to be had with different fonts and styles. Have a play.

Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site

Treasure hunting for everyone! Use maps, GPS and all your navigation skills to find a hidden ‘cache’ – anywhere in the world. Registration is free, quick and simple but for a small fee there are loads of extras. This is a great way to get outside and have some fun.

Guardian Teacher Network

This a fantastic place to look for free teaching resources. The Guardian have done an excellent job of organising this to make navigation easy and reliable. From ages 4-18, there are thousands of resources uploaded by teachers. The newsletter highlights some great new additions and time saving search tips. There are also links to the best of Education news from The Guardian. Follow them on Twitter @GuardianTeach for regular updates. We think you will really like this!

I Can Teach Creative

A design agency for people in education. Simple, effective and bespoke designs for classrooms, corridors, public profile pages, displays, postcards, sticker sets and much more. Take a look at the range of ideas and get in touch for a first class service to help you build your school’s profile. Our most recent project was with Causeway School, in East Sussex, looking at skills for young people and how these could be developed and promoted in the classroom and around the school.


This is an excellent resource for dance teachers if you are looking for some inspiration. The video clips are clear and easy to follow and they are accompanied by detailed lesson plans and teaching ideas. There is a small but reasonable fee for full access to each resource and a number of free clips to go with each style. Take a look.

Information Literacy

Learning and Teaching Scotland have produced a site to assist in the development of critical literacy. Currently undergoing huge redevelopment.

Learning Zone - Class Clips

Another gem from the BBC. A searchable database of BBC clips categorised according to curriculum area. An invaluable and ever expanding resource.

Marcus Cherrill

A great place to find top tips for using music in the classroom. Advice on new tech and digital literacy. Marcus is a Google Educator and consultant to business and education on productivity and creativity.


Subscription based site but a great interactive resource nevertheless. Use Moovl to explore challenging scientific and mathematical concepts. Worth a look at the demo clip.

Multiple Intelligences Test

Birmingham Grid for Learning provide a really easy way to find out where your strengths lie and how to make the best of them. Analyse the results by gender and age or compare a whole class. Really interesting.

Music4Learning - Health and Wellbeing

An extract from a comprehensive work by Professor Susan Hallam at the Institute of Education, University of London. This chapter examines the effects of background music on health and well-being. There are many interesting perspectives and references to other scientific studies. Reproduced with kind permission of the author.

Music4Learning - The effects of music on behaviour

Five studies on the effects of music on learning, performance and behaviour by Professor Susan Hallam and Anastasia Kotsopoulou, Institute of Education, University of London. A thorough examination of how music can enhance the learning experience. Reproduced with kind permission.

Music4Learning - The Power of Music - BBC World Service Special

From the archives of the BBC World Service, here is a thorough investigation into the ability of music to improve our lives. Jane Hanson takes you on a stimulating journey looking at influential music, medicine, healing and therapy. She explores the links between music and personal development and gathers opinion from a variety of experts. This is a four part series, with each episode lasting about 25 minutes. You will need to have Real Player available once you have clicked on the links. Definitely worth a try!

Music4Learning - The Wellcome Trust - Interactive Guide

Here is a comprehensive look at how music can enhance and enrich learning. Drawing on the knowledge of several experts in the fields of education, music and psychology, the Big Picture also provides a number of ideas for using music in the classroom.


A subscription website offering excellent value for money. Online teaching resources, homeworks, booster lessons, games and individual student access. Free samples to try. Highly recommended.

National Geographic

A phenomenal resource for education about the world and life around us. Free to use and full of detail. Every section is clearly signposted and provides a rich multimedia experience. Highly recommended.

National Literacy Trust

At the National Literacy Trust we believe that literacy transforms lives, and that with better literacy, everyone can succeed in life. When we talk about better literacy, we mean the combination of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills necessary for a fair chance in life.

Nordoff Robbins - Music transforming lives

Nordoff Robbins is a national charity using music to transform the lives of vulnerable people of all ages, all over the UK. Its services include music therapy sessions for people with a wide range of illnesses and disabilities, and short music skills workshops and courses for those wishing to bring music into the lives of those they care for.

O2 Learn

This is a great idea! Sharing best lessons for learning and revision. Connect with a huge audience and have a chance of winning prizes for teachers and schools. If you are a teacher, student or a parent, then this is definitely worth a look. Free to use.

Oddizzi is fun, friendly and fantastic for learning about the world. This is a journey of exploration and an exciting adventure from one horizon to the next. shows us how important it is to understand the key features of our planet. Two charming and colourful characters accompany students on their quest for knowledge. Odd and Izzi are always on hand to point you in the right direction if you stray off the beaten track. Updates are regular and frequent and news feeds provide great stimuli for conversation. ‘ClassPals’ is a quick and easy way for students to connect instantly with classrooms around the world by sending postcards – no stamp required! Best of all, is the fact that is great for every lesson, every subject and every day. The free trial offers all you need to get a feel of the site. Jump in!

PowerPoint Games

An excellent place to download and adapt different games for use in the classroom. Good for revision and checking understanding.

Primary Resources

This is one of the most talked about and well respected sites for sharing resources for the primary sector. Regular contributions and updates across all themes, subjects, learning stages and abilities. Well worth taking some time to browse through what’s on offer.

A free 30 day trial is definitely worth a go. An excellent resource for teachers allowing them to use a network of existing puzzles and quizzes and to modify them according to curriculum content. Flashcard activities, memory tests, pairs games, matching terms and lots more. Highly recommended.

Quotations Page

Useful for finding quotations and providing material for discussion. Ideal for starters, assemblies, spiritual reflection and group discussions.

Reuters - Pictures of the Decade

Warning! Powerful and thought-provoking images with detailed descriptions and attributions. Some of the most awe inspiring photographs from the last ten years. Please review before using with sensitive minds.

Rhythm For Reading

Rhythm for Reading is an intensive, research-based, small group reading intervention programme, which helps students to read with ease, fluency and understanding. The programme comes with an affordable cost and a great deal of additional support and reference material. Well worth a look


Providing a number of services for teachers, Schoolzone deliver a huge range of reviews on educational resources and suppliers and a chance for teachers themselves to take part in the reviews. So before you commit precious budgets to resources, take a look to see what Schoolzone have to say. Register for free to get access to the best bits.

SEN Teacher

SEN Teacher provides cost-free teaching & learning resources for students with special needs and learning disabilities. Many resources here may also be of use to educators of primary and elementary students.

Send My Friend

Send My Friend to School is a campaign that has brought together hundreds of thousands of students and teachers in the UK who want the government to keep its promise and make sure that every child can go to school, no matter where they live in the world. Send My Friend is run by lots of organisations, including charities and teaching unions, who all believe that education is really important. Take a look!

Focusing on the Irish Junior and Senior Cycle curricula, is the first resource of its kind designed specifically for Irish students and teachers. Some excellent ideas for parents and students particularly around revision.

Songs for Teaching

An extensive library of songs with lyrics available to support learning in the classroom. Many subject areas covered. Need to pay for downloads once you have sampled it but tracks at excellent value.

Teacher Training Videos

Run by Russell Stannard, this site does exactly what it says with loads of really useful tips and tricks for setting up gadgets and gizmos in the classroom. No need to register and easy to find what you need.

Teacher Tube

Some really interesting contributions that cover many aspects of learning and teaching. Browse the catalogue of videos by any category. Constantly updated.


An innovative and simple way to make communication between teachers and parents easy and effective. Text messaging is a quick and cost effective way to notify parents of an excellent test mark or a detention for missing homework. The savings to a school budget are evident after only a few months. Have a look at the demo.

Teaching Ideas

Plenty of good resources and teaching ideas across all areas of the curriculum. Particularly relevant for Early Years and Primary sectors. Free to use.

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