Plenty to choose from here and the site is regularly updated. Free to use.


An excellent site that looks at how to learn ‘smarter’ and gives you a personal learning styles profile by answering a few questions. There are some free resources and ideas but there are also CDRoms for sale.

British Red Cross Teaching Resources

There are some great ideas here with lots of guidance on how to use use some cutting edge material. Topics include First Aid, War Crimes, Poverty, Famine, Conflict and Disasters. Plenty to think about and some seriously thought-provoking material. Lesson plans, presentations and worksheets will help you through the lesson. Sign up to receive regular updates. This is a highly recommended resource.


All sorts of fun to be had with different fonts and styles. Have a play.


The British Council’s web channel for climate change designed for teachers, students, young professionals, researchers and the creative sector interested in developing local climate change solutions or learning more about the impact of climate change around the world. The channel contains both proprietary content and that produced by partners and other organisations.

Guardian Teacher Network

This a fantastic place to look for free teaching resources. The Guardian have done an excellent job of organising this to make navigation easy and reliable. From ages 4-18, there are thousands of resources uploaded by teachers. The newsletter highlights some great new additions and time saving search tips. There are also links to the best of Education news from The Guardian. Follow them on Twitter @GuardianTeach for regular updates. We think you will really like this!

I Can Teach Creative

A design agency for people in education. Simple, effective and bespoke designs for classrooms, corridors, public profile pages, displays, postcards, sticker sets and much more. Take a look at the range of ideas and get in touch for a first class service to help you build your school’s profile. Our most recent project was with Causeway School, in East Sussex, looking at skills for young people and how these could be developed and promoted in the classroom and around the school.


A great way to capture whats happening on your screen and share it with others. Make tutorials that will save you explaining things to people, comment on your photos or collaborate with colleagues. Easy to use trial version for Mac and PC.

Life Coach Directory

Life Coach Directory is a website aiming to spread awareness of the life coaching practice, as well as making it much more accessible so that everyone has the opportunity to experience the positive benefits. It aims to be the leading service for providing advice and information about the practice in the UK – connecting individuals looking for ways to move forward positively, with the largest network of coaches in the UK. There are lots of useful articles on NLP and solution focused thinking. Worth a look…..

Marcus Cherrill

A great place to find top tips for using music in the classroom. Advice on new tech and digital literacy. Marcus is a Google Educator and consultant to business and education on productivity and creativity.

Multiple Intelligences Test

Birmingham Grid for Learning provide a really easy way to find out where your strengths lie and how to make the best of them. Analyse the results by gender and age or compare a whole class. Really interesting.

Music4Learning - Health and Wellbeing

An extract from a comprehensive work by Professor Susan Hallam at the Institute of Education, University of London. This chapter examines the effects of background music on health and well-being. There are many interesting perspectives and references to other scientific studies. Reproduced with kind permission of the author.

Music4Learning - The effects of music on behaviour

Five studies on the effects of music on learning, performance and behaviour by Professor Susan Hallam and Anastasia Kotsopoulou, Institute of Education, University of London. A thorough examination of how music can enhance the learning experience. Reproduced with kind permission.

Nobel Prize

One of the leading advocates of excellence in achievement. A huge range of resources to support teachers in a number of areas. Free to use and highly recommended.

Nordoff Robbins - Music transforming lives

Nordoff Robbins is a national charity using music to transform the lives of vulnerable people of all ages, all over the UK. Its services include music therapy sessions for people with a wide range of illnesses and disabilities, and short music skills workshops and courses for those wishing to bring music into the lives of those they care for.

Reuters - Pictures of the Decade

Warning! Powerful and thought-provoking images with detailed descriptions and attributions. Some of the most awe inspiring photographs from the last ten years. Please review before using with sensitive minds.


Providing a number of services for teachers, Schoolzone deliver a huge range of reviews on educational resources and suppliers and a chance for teachers themselves to take part in the reviews. So before you commit precious budgets to resources, take a look to see what Schoolzone have to say. Register for free to get access to the best bits.

Send My Friend

Send My Friend to School is a campaign that has brought together hundreds of thousands of students and teachers in the UK who want the government to keep its promise and make sure that every child can go to school, no matter where they live in the world. Send My Friend is run by lots of organisations, including charities and teaching unions, who all believe that education is really important. Take a look!


A well-established family run company specialising in school ski trips predominantly to Austria. Highly recommended organisation offering competitive prices.

Songs for Teaching

An extensive library of songs with lyrics available to support learning in the classroom. Many subject areas covered. Need to pay for downloads once you have sampled it but tracks at excellent value.

stock.xchng photos

The leading free stock photography site. If you are looking for some great images this is a good starting point.


So much more than Technology, Entertainment and Design – this is fast becoming the model for 21st Century professional development. One of the leading providers of inspirational talks about everything. You will not be disappointed. Have a look at our video section for some of our favourites.

TES Australia

A great place to find new ideas and teaching resources. Full of support, guidance, top tips and hacks. You can register for free, receive updates and join in the community to share your ideas, resources and fun stuff too.

Top Grade Tutoring

Based in the West Midlands, UK, they provide not only contact with tutors in a range of subjects but a series of first class revision materials available at very reasonable rates.


A leading company in the South East of the UK for the provision of outdoor education. They also provide a huge range of outdoor activity equipment for sale. Great for family days out too.

Tumble Tots

This is for parents of younger children who are looking for something worthwhile and challenging for their little ones. Designed to develop children’s physical skills of agility, balance, co-ordination and climbing, through the use of brightly coloured Tumble Tots equipment. The programme is structured to develop children’s positive personality traits including confidence and self-esteem.

Tutor Hunt

Aim to provide a completely free service for both tutors and students to locate each other. This is an excellent starting point for parents and students who are considering extra tuition in key subjects and a useful reference point for potential tutors.


A leading publisher of e-learning resources for Economics, Business, Politics, Enterprise, Law, Sociology, Religious Studies and related subjects.


Whether you are searching for courses, checking out different universities and colleges or ready to apply then UCAS will guide you through every step. This is your best starting point when looking at further and higher education options. Easy to use and free.

Young People's Trust for the Environment

A charity which aims to encourage young people’s understanding of the environment and the need for sustainability. Some great sections and plenty of material to download for free. Highly recommended.